Crufts 2024 is set to host a diverse array of canines from around the globe at the NEC Birmingham from March 7-10, with an increase in entries – especially from overseas.

Crufts 2024 is witnessing heightened global participation, with 19,252 dogs competing in breed, agility, and obedience championship categories. Notably, this edition welcomes more international entries than ever before. The competitive spirit spans over 200 pedigree breeds vying for the coveted title of Best in Show.

International Entrants Dominate

The 3,766 overseas entries mark a significant milestone for Crufts, showcasing its broad international draw. Leading the pack is the Netherlands with 382 dogs, closely followed by Germany (375), France (371), and Italy (330). Other countries making a substantial presence include Ireland (290), Poland (263), Belgium (242), Spain (193), Czech Republic (188), and Sweden (179).

A noteworthy development for Crufts 2024 is the Kooikerhondje, Jack Russell Terrier, and Lagotto Romagnolo attaining Challenge Certificate status for the first time. The Lagotto Romagnolo, last year’s Best in Show winner, draws an entry of 91 dogs, joined by 42 Kooikerhondjes and 123 Jack Russell Terriers. The Golden Retriever leads the pack with the largest entry for an individual breed, boasting 538 dogs. The Labrador Retriever claims second place with 519 entries.

Celebrating Canine Diversity

Each group at Crufts 2024 will feature remarkable diversity, with standout entries in various categories. The utility group sees the Dalmatian with 223 entries, the toy group features the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with 278 entries, and the gundog group boasts the highest entry with 538 Golden Retrievers. Other notable entries include the Border Collie (288), Staffordshire Bull Terrier (364), and Whippet (395).

Crufts continues to be a celebration of all dogs, with breeds ranging from popular choices like the Cocker Spaniel (421), Flat Coated Retriever (349), Irish Setter (262), and Rhodesian Ridgeback (251), to lesser-known breeds such as the Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois), Foxhound (3 entries each), and the Turkish Kangal Dog (2 entries). This eclectic mix underscores Crufts’ commitment to honouring and appreciating the full spectrum of canine companionship.