In a final call to veterinary professionals, scientists, students, and researchers dedicated to enhancing canine well-being, The Kennel Club Charitable Trust announces an extended deadline for nominations for the prestigious International Canine Health Awards.

The International Canine Health Awards, organised by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, aims to acknowledge and encourage outstanding contributions to canine health. Supported by a significant donation from the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, the awards offer generous prize money exceeding $180,000 to inspire scientific innovation and advancements in improving the lives of dogs.

Categories Open for Nominations

The awards feature five distinct categories, inviting nominations for individuals or colleagues who embody the values of the awards and exhibit excellence in advancing canine health. The categories are as follows:

  1. The Alan Kelly International Award: Recognising outstanding contributions to canine health and welfare, with a prize of $100,000 towards future projects.
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award: Awarding $50,000 to a veterinarian or scientist dedicated to advancing the health and welfare of dogs throughout their career.
  3. Two Student Inspiration Awards: Honouring both postgraduate and undergraduate students with prize funds of $20,000 and $10,000, respectively, to support education, career development, or project creation.
  4. UK Breed Health Co-ordinator Award: Offering a £5,000 prize, this category seeks individuals from UK Kennel Club breed clubs or councils who have demonstrated commitment to supporting health and welfare within their breed.

Extended Deadline: A Final Opportunity

The extended deadline for nominations is set for 29 February 2024. Individuals can submit their nominations by completing the application form on The Kennel Club Charitable Trust website. An independent and international panel of judges, well-versed in various research sectors, will review nominations. The emphasis will be on applications that demonstrate a commitment to the unifying One-Health approach, benefiting both humans and dogs.

The 2023 awards ceremony, viewable on The Kennel Club Charitable Trust website, celebrated winners such as Dr Douglas Thamm and Professor Franck Forterre for their exceptional contributions to canine health. Additionally, special recognition was also given to individuals and clinics demonstrating exceptional dedication amid challenging conditions.

Vernon Hill, along with his wife Shirley, expressed their ongoing support through a major gift underwriting the awards. They emphasised their commitment to increasing the global impact of the awards, aligning with the growing focus on the One Health concept to benefit both human and canine health.

Nominate and Contribute to Canine Well-Being

The Kennel Club encourages veterinary professionals, scientists, students, and researchers to seize this final opportunity to nominate individuals making significant strides in canine health and welfare. By participating in the awards, individuals can directly contribute to the ongoing success of initiatives that positively impact dogs worldwide.

For more information and to submit nominations for the 2024 awards, visit The Kennel Club Charitable Trust website. For queries, you may also contact The Kennel Club via