The animal kingdom and the brands dedicated to it took centre stage in Vienna recently, during the illustrious World Branding Awards Animalis Edition. This annual event, now in its third year, is a spectacular celebration of the pet and animal industry, highlighting the triumphs of businesses from across the globe. The coveted awards ceremony unfolded at the grand Hofburg Palace, with the renowned Howard Nightingall orchestrating the evening’s proceedings.

These awards, an initiative of the World Branding Forum, are more than just a platform for brands to flaunt their success. They are a testament to the relentless effort that these businesses put into maintaining a strong brand image and a constant presence in the ever-changing and competitive market. Richard Rowles, Chairman of the World Branding Forum, lauded the winners for their steadfast commitment to building and preserving consumer trust.

The competition saw a staggering 100,000 consumers nominate over 1,500 brands in a worldwide survey. From this impressive array of nominees, just 100 top-tier brands from 30 different countries were honoured as winners. This accolade is a badge of distinction, signifying industry preeminence and consumer confidence.

Among the celebrated winners were several brands from the United Kingdom, reflecting the robust nature of the country’s pet industry. The acclaimed dog gear brand, HALTI®, and the premium pet food company, Truline, were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the industry. Pets At Home, the UK’s leading pet supplies retailer, and the prestigious Royal Veterinary College, also received recognition for their exceptional performance.

Moreover, the Humane Society International (HIS), the global animal protection organisation, and Petplan, the UK pet insurance provider, were also among the winners. Premium pet food brands Encore, APPLAWS, Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™, and PURINA® Friskies® were also lauded for their significant impact in the sector. Furthermore, Animal Planet, the wildlife media brand, was applauded for its influence in raising awareness about animals and their needs.

As we bid adieu to the 2023 – 2024 World Branding Awards Animalis Edition, the excitement shifts towards the Global Edition of the World Branding Awards. Set to be held in November at Kensington Palace, London, it promises to be another thrilling event for the world’s best brands.

The World Branding Awards, an initiative of the World Branding Forum, recognises the extraordinary achievements of brands worldwide. They underscore the dedication, passion, and accomplishments of businesses that have made a lasting impression on consumers. And for those in the business of caring for our four-legged friends, the anticipation for next year’s event is already mounting.

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