The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) hosted the PIF Awards Dinner at Chesford Grange Hotel, recognising companies that have extended support to abandoned pets in war-torn Ukraine.

At the Awards, Yuriy Tokarski, CEO of the U-Hearts Foundation —a charity dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned pets in Ukraine—addressed the gathering of over 300 guests. He shed light on the U-Hearts’ mission and the profound impact of donations from UK pet companies. These donations included 20 tons of pet food and a range of supplies, such as flea treatments, toys, sprays, and shampoos, with 14 tons of pet food distributed across 12 regions in Ukraine.

A touching video, showcasing volunteers in shelters and featuring a personal message from Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, expressed heartfelt gratitude to UK companies for their support. Each donating company received a certificate of appreciation from Kuleba for their generous contributions.

Recognising Generosity

The PIF Awards highlighted the contributions of the following companies:

  • Jollyes – The Pet People
  • Johnson’s Veterinary Products
  • James & Steel
  • Pet Family
  • Little Big Paw
  • Skinner’s
  • Mackle Petfoods
  • Pet’s Up Products
  • Pedigree Wholesale
  • The Big Biscuit Company

In a poignant gesture, Yuriy presented Nigel Baker, PIF CEO, with a unique gift—a metal pet bowl crafted from a repurposed Ukrainian artillery shell—as a token of gratitude for PIF’s role in coordinating donations over the past year.

A Continuing Call for Support

Nigel Baker expressed the ongoing need for support despite reduced media attention on Ukraine’s situation. The call for solidarity in aiding Ukraine’s abandoned pets remains open, welcoming further support from the pet industry. He encouraged other pet companies willing to contribute to reach out to PIF. Those interested in donating pet products and food are urged to contact PIF Operations Manager Daniel Everett at or call 01234 224507.