Ancestry®, renowned for its consumer DNA testing and family history services, has introduced “Know Your Pet DNA”, its inaugural dog DNA test. With over 62% of households in the UK owning a pet, the new product is aimed at enhancing dog owners’ comprehension of their pet’s unique genetic makeup, allowing them to cater to their needs more effectively.

The test boasts of several distinctive features:

  • Breeds: Dog owners can determine their pet’s breed composition with a database encompassing over 400 global breeds.
  • Matches: The test can identify closely related dogs within its vast database, including similar breed compositions in the owner’s vicinity.
  • Traits: The test divulges information on up to 30 behavioural and physical characteristics, lending insights into the dog’s unique traits.

Billed as the most scientifically advanced dog DNA assessment available, “Know Your Pet DNA” provides a deep dive into a dog’s behavioural tendencies, such as potential separation anxiety, reactions in veterinary contexts, inclination towards sharing, and noise sensitivities, among others. Notably, the test examines over double the genetic data of its competitors, offering owners a thorough insight into their dog’s genetics and behaviour.

Brian Donnelly, Ancestry’s Chief Commercial Officer, remarked that many customers view their dogs as family. Motivated by the bond his family shares with their pet, Donnelly underscored Ancestry’s commitment to utilising its expertise to deepen the understanding between owners and their pets.

The test is the brainchild of a skilled consortium of DNA specialists and animal geneticists. They have collaborated with renowned institutions like Massey University and the University of Minnesota, institutions focused on canine welfare.

To use the service:

  1. Purchase and register the DNA kit on
  2. Obtain a cheek swab from your dog (a 30-second process).
  3. Send the sample back in the provided prepaid box.
  4. After receiving the DNA, scientists employ Thermo Fisher Scientific’s DNA microarray technology to discern the dog’s genetic blueprint. In 2-4 weeks, owners receive a comprehensive report detailing their dog’s lineage, characteristics, and potential kinships.

Kim Caple, President of Genetic Sciences at Thermo Fisher Scientific, highlighted the sophistication required to decode the genetic profile of dogs, particularly those with multifaceted breed ancestries. Thermo Fisher’s canine genotyping technology, the “Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Canine HD genotyping array”, aims to offer an exhaustive understanding of a dog’s genetic makeup.

The DNA kit is priced at £79, with an introductory offer of £59 until September 30, available exclusively on