Johnson’s Veterinary Products, a leading pet healthcare product manufacturer in the UK, has introduced a cutting-edge online training platform focusing on flea and worm treatment for its retail partners.

The newly launched free training portal is accessible to all Johnson’s stockists through their online accounts. Designed to bolster and refresh retailers’ existing knowledge on flea and worm treatment, the portal aims to position pet stores as authoritative sources in addressing these prevalent pet issues.

Paul Gwynn, Managing Director of Johnson’s, highlights the initiative’s importance. He says, “Our recent survey on pet owners’ purchasing habits revealed a widespread belief in the knowledge and trustworthiness of pet shops and stores. For over a century, we’ve supported the pet trade, recognising the vital role of pet shops in their communities. This training tool is a testament to our commitment, acknowledging their expertise, skills, and dedication to providing top-tier pet care.”

Enhancing Knowledge and Expertise

The online training offers concise, easily digestible processes and principles, accessible from any computer, shop, or home with a Johnson’s account. Completion of the training, available via the register and login page on Johnson’s website, qualifies individuals for a certificate. Johnson’s provides additional assistance wherever necessary to ensure comprehensive understanding.

Feedback from early adopters at pet stores like the Ark Pet Centre in Plymouth and Cookes Pet Supplies Limited, operating across Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster, and Barnsley, reflects the platform’s user-friendly design and its effective impact on staff knowledge enhancement.

Julia Lennon, Store Manager at the Ark Pet Centre, praises the platform’s ease of use and comprehensive guidance. Similarly, Simon Lewis Dale, Head of Business Development at Cookes Pet Supplies Limited, lauds the training’s positive impact on staff service levels and customer confidence, as evidenced by proudly displayed certificates.

Additionally, Johnson’s offers in-person training sessions for flea and worm treatment, subject to availability, catering to diverse learning preferences and ensuring comprehensive support for retailers.