Mars Incorporated, a global leader in pet care products and services, has announced a new partnership with Tripadvisor.

This collaboration aims to improve travel experiences for pet parents by creating a more pet-friendly environment in the travel industry.

The partnership, initiated by the CESAR® Canine Cuisine brand, introduces a Pet Travel Hub. This platform will connect pet parents with local adventures and assist businesses in becoming more accommodating to pets. According to recent data, 33% of pet parents have altered their travel plans due to the difficulties of travelling with pets. This initiative seeks to address these challenges and improve the overall travel experience for pet owners.

Addressing Travel Challenges for Pet Owners

Mars and Tripadvisor have created a co-branded digital hub to inspire and connect pet-friendly communities across Tripadvisor’s platform. Despite 73% of US Tripadvisor users owning pets, less than 1% of US restaurants listed on Tripadvisor are currently pet-friendly. This highlights the significant need for more pet-friendly businesses.

Natalia Ball, Global Chief Growth Officer of Mars Pet Nutrition, stated, “At Mars, we’re dedicated to becoming the most digitally enabled, pet parent-centric organisation, which means collaborating with innovators like Tripadvisor to transform the pet parent experience.”

The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between pet owners’ needs and the current offerings in the travel industry. Key features of the partnership include:

  • Consumer Hub: Accessible online or through Tripadvisor’s mobile app, this hub provides resources for pet-friendly travel, including city guides and travel tips for BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™-certified US cities like Miami, Austin, Nashville, Phoenix, and Palm Springs. There are plans to expand these guides globally.
  • AI Trip Builder: This tool allows users to create a pet-friendly trip with a personalised itinerary, guided by traveller tips and reviews.
  • Business Hub: A resource for businesses to understand the benefits of being pet-friendly, including how to list as pet-friendly on Tripadvisor and how to accommodate pets.

New Pet-Friendly Hotel Awards

To celebrate the partnership, Tripadvisor has launched a new Pet-Friendly Hotel Travelers’ Choice Awards category for 2024. The top pet-friendly hotel in the world is Hotel Fioreze Quero Quero in Brazil, known for its two acres of open space for pets and their owners. In the US, the Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale in Florida was named the most pet-friendly hotel, allowing pets on every floor and in the outdoor garden sitting area.

Christine Maguire, Global Vice President of Sales & Partnerships at Tripadvisor, noted, “We know our travellers love their pets and are looking for hotel and restaurant recommendations to make sure they can enjoy every part of their adventure together.”

Commitment to a Pet-Friendly World

The CESAR® brand commits to make the world a dog-friendly place, allowing people and their pets to always be together. This partnership with Tripadvisor marks a significant milestone in this commitment, enhancing the travel experience for pet parents and supporting the growth of pet-friendly businesses.

The new Pet Travel Hub, combined with the introduction of the Pet-Friendly Hotel Travelers’ Choice Awards, demonstrates the dedication of both Mars and Tripadvisor to meet the needs of modern pet parents and their beloved companions. By leveraging digital technology and fostering a more inclusive travel environment, this partnership aims to create a world where pets and their owners can enjoy more adventures together.