The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA) proudly presents its second annual charity calendar for 2024.

Founded by The Countess Bathurst of Cirencester Park, this initiative aims to raise funds for the support and care of retired animals from the police, prison, fire & rescue, border force, and national crime agency. Acclaimed Yorkshire animal photographer Gerry Slade contributes stunning images to the calendar.

Honouring Retired Service Animals

This year’s calendar highlights retired animals supported by the charity, featuring those that have received assistance. These dogs and horses have dedicated their lives to safeguarding communities, and the NFRSA considers it a privilege to care for them during their retirement years.

Throughout 2023, the NFRSA has provided over £40,000.00 in grants, actively supporting retired service animals through medical and veterinary assistance.

Calendar Highlights and Noteworthy Events

The calendar showcases the remarkable retired animals aided by the charity, as well as offering brief insights into their stories. The calendar also commemorates a significant journey undertaken by Lady Bathurst, who cycled from Lands’ End to John O’Groats in September 2023.

Additionally, in her 1022-mile journey, Lady Bathurst also met several forces’ members alongside their dogs and horses, witnessing firsthand the invaluable role these animals play in ensuring community safety across the country.

Notable Supporters and Charitable Efforts

The NFRSA welcomes Sarah, The Duchess of York, as their new Patron, acknowledging her heartfelt support and significant contributions to the charity. The Duchess graciously features in the charity’s calendar, showcasing her commitment to their cause.

Lady Bathurst’s remarkable cycling expedition, joined by eminent personalities like Ben Miller, Jackie Llewellyn Bowen, Dr Dawn Harper, and Nick Knowles, highlighted the crucial role of these animals while drawing attention to their essential contribution to community safety.


Image by Gerry Slade.