Dog walkers across the UK now have a compelling reason to make a pitstop at their local garden centres, as Town & Country unveils a fresh line-up tailored exclusively for them.

The chic ensemble comprises two hat styles, each equipped with a built-in LED light and a nifty torch that dispenses doggy bags. Complementing these are robust, thermal, and water-resistant gloves, available in four sizes, and an olive-green walking flask complete with a convenient handle.

What sets this range apart is not just the exceptional utility but also an eye-catching display solution designed to pique the interest of shoppers wandering through the garden centre.

Both the men’s and women’s hats feature a rechargeable LED light with three brightness settings, making them perfect for twilight strolls and freeing up hands for multitasking. Offering snug comfort and warmth, the thermal insulation ensures walkers remain cosy in all weather conditions.

The ingenious combination of torch and doggie bag holder enables users to illuminate their path while conveniently storing up to 20 bags. Plus, it comes with two additional rolls for added convenience.

The thermal-lined and water-repellent all-weather gloves are a boon for keeping hands warm and protected in ever-changing weather. With added padding on the palms and fingers, they guarantee extra comfort and security. Available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, there’s a glove to suit everyone.

Last but not least, the sleek design of the olive-green walking flask with a handle makes it an instant hit. Designed to effortlessly fit into pockets or bags, this slim, stylish stainless steel water bottle is the perfect companion for dog walks, hikes, and daily life.

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