Ethical pet food company Edgard & Cooper has announced its launch in Whole Foods markets across London.

Founded in 2004, Edgard & Cooper produces natural, junk-free kibble, wet food and treats for cats and dogs. The company aims to provide pet owners with healthy, nutritious alternatives to low-quality pet foods.

The alignment between Edgard & Cooper’s and Whole Foods’ commitments to offering high-quality, ethically sourced products made the partnership a natural fit. Edgard & Cooper’s founder Louis Chalabi said, “Real pets deserve real food, so we are very excited to be launching in Whole Foods this month.”

Now available at Whole Foods locations in London are Edgard & Cooper’s full range of canned and dry formulas for cats and dogs, as well as dog treats. All products come in recyclable packaging, with 1% of sales donated to the company’s charity foundation.

Chalabi said Edgard & Cooper team members test every kibble before it goes to market, exemplifying the brand’s dedication to quality. The launch introduces London pet owners to a new option for healthy, natural pet food while shopping at Whole Foods.