The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) has taken a leap forward by introducing two innovative digital business directories, designed to showcase the products and services offered by its members.

These directories, named PIF MarketPlace and PIF B2B, are now accessible at no cost, presenting an extensive resource for both fellow pet businesses and pet owners.

The PIF MarketPlace stands as a dedicated product directory, while the PIF B2B directory focuses on service benefits offered by pet businesses. This strategic categorization allows users to navigate seamlessly through a diverse range of pet-related offerings, including products and essential services from prominent brands and companies within the industry.

Exclusive Benefits for PIF Members

An enticing proposition for PIF members, these directories serve as an invaluable platform for brand exposure within the PIF community. Members can leverage advanced features such as PDF link detection, integration of video content and animations, and access to performance analytics and reports. The directories are easily accessible from the PIF website’s home page, providing a central hub for pet-related products and services. Furthermore, PIF members can explore exclusive discounts within the directories, enhancing the overall value of their membership.

Nigel Baker, PIF CEO, expressed the significance of this groundbreaking initiative, stating, “This groundbreaking initiative enables PIF, as a trade association, to support its members by providing a platform to showcase their offerings, all at no cost.” These directories supplement the existing ‘Find a PIF Member’ section on the website, catering to the substantial traffic from pet owners actively seeking PIF-endorsed businesses.

Both directories will undergo regular updates to ensure the information remains current and relevant. Exclusive listings in these directories are limited to PIF members, reinforcing the commitment to enhancing visibility and connectivity within the PIF community.

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