Recent findings from have unveiled a concerning trend among British dog owners – a majority believe their escalating stress levels are adversely impacting their furry companions.

From the relentless pressures of work to the strains of managing finances and navigating family dynamics, many owners confess to experiencing heightened stress levels more frequently than ever before. Consequently, nearly half of these owners acknowledge that their stress directly correlates with their dog’s behaviour, highlighting the deep emotional connection between humans and their canine counterparts.

Insights into Canine Anxiety

Despite dogs often exhibiting protective and affectionate behaviour when their owners are stressed, many pet parents admit to overlooking signs of stress in their pets. In response to this critical need for awareness and understanding, Rover has introduced a novel solution – ‘af-furmation cards‘. These innovative cards serve as a playful yet educational tool, designed to enlighten pet parents about recognising and alleviating stress in their beloved four-legged friends.

According to Rover’s research, dogs have their own unique stress triggers, with loud noises, encounters with unfamiliar people, and exposure to raised voices being among the most common stressors reported by owners. Recognising the subtle signs of stress is paramount, as indicators such as a tucked-up body, ear pinning, shaking, and excessive yawning can offer invaluable insights into a dog’s emotional state.

Effective Techniques for Stress Relief

Pet owners employ a myriad of techniques to soothe their distressed dogs, ranging from leisurely strolls in nature to engaging playtime sessions and the therapeutic allure of calming sounds. Furthermore, a significant proportion of owners invest in specialised calming pet products and treatments, with the average expenditure reaching £158. Rover’s Canine Behaviourist offers sage advice, advocating for the identification of stress triggers and the gradual cultivation of confidence through positive experiences.

In essence, Rover’s ‘af-furmation cards’ represent more than just a tool for stress management; they embody a commitment to fostering holistic well-being in dogs and strengthening the enduring bond between humans and their canine companions. By equipping pet parents with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate their dog’s emotional landscape with compassion and insight, Rover aims to empower a generation of conscientious pet owners dedicated to the welfare of their cherished pets.