Thule Group has unveiled a new offering in their product range: the Thule Allax car dog crate. This move marks Thule’s debut into the realm of dog transportation. Notably, the Thule Allax crate embodies a seamless blend of distinctive Thule design and comprehensive consumer insights, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional for anyone transporting dogs.

The focus on safety is evident, with Thule utilising their in-house crash-testing facilities, renowned globally, to ensure the creation of the market’s safest dog crate. Louise Melin, Product Manager at Thule Group, elaborated on this, stating, “The Thule Allax dog crate has undergone rigorous crash-testing in real-life scenarios, including frontal and rear-end crash tests.” Melin also highlighted the crate’s innovative crumple-zone feature: “In the event of a rear-end collision, this crumple zone permits the crate to compress in a controlled manner, mitigating the risk of injury to backseat passengers and simultaneously ensuring the dog’s safety.”

Thule Allax is just the beginning of a series of dog transport solutions from Thule, all crafted with the ethos of safe dog transportation at their core.

A combination of insights gathered from engaging with dogs and their owners, coupled with over six decades of advanced car testing experience, has culminated in the thoughtful design of the Thule Allax crate. Key features include durable materials, a smoothly operating door mechanism, and an integrated security lock. Such meticulous design considerations guarantee minimal rattling during drives, imparting a premium appearance and feel to the crate.

Choosing and using the Thule Allax is set to be a straightforward process. It will be made available in ten distinct sizes, ensuring that dog owners can select a size that not only suits their vehicles but also provides ample room for their pets. To assist in this, a Fit Assistant tool will be accessible on, enabling owners to identify the most appropriate crate size for their cars. In addition, Thule Allax boasts features such as easy first-time assembly, an adjustable depth mechanism to maximise space for the dog, and a smart window to keep your pet in view.

The Thule Allax crate is scheduled to be available both in retail and on from November 2023. Prices will vary based on size, starting at £489.99 for the XS variant and going up to £719.99 for the XXL model.


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