With around 12 million dogs now playing significant roles in families across the UK, the trend for pet-friendly weddings is growing.

Responding to popular demand, Scoff Paper, the world’s only maker of edible greeting cards for dogs, has launched a range of wedding celebration cards in chicken and bacon flavours. These cards ensure beloved pooches are included in the big day.

Scoff Paper’s new range includes cards with messages such as ‘be our ring bearer’, ‘be my best man’, and ‘be my bridesmaid’. These cards help owners create a sense of occasion by inviting their four-legged family members to play key roles in their special day. Other products in the range include ‘my mum and dad just got married’, versions for same-sex couples, congratulations cards, and cards simply saying ‘I love you’.

The cards are made from potatoes and natural flavourings, contain no harmful ingredients or rawhide, and complement a healthy diet for dogs. Scoff Paper also produces pens with dog-friendly, edible ink, allowing couples and wedding guests to write personalised messages that are safe for dogs to consume.

Increasing Demand for Pet-Friendly Nuptials

A study by Guide Dogs reveals that since 2022, 94% of dog owners getting married want to give their pets a starring role in their weddings. Dogs are frequently taking centre stage as ring bearers, flower dogs, and honoured guests. Gemma Connolly, founder of Scoff Paper, explains the motivation behind the new product line: “Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping dog owners say I love you with a meaningful and tasty treat. We make our cards based on consumer demand, and in the last year, the request for wedding-related products has rocketed.”

Scoff Paper, which designs and produces up to 2 million edible cards for dogs each year at its bespoke, UK-based factory, also creates cards for major high-street retailers. The company is open to bespoke requests, including pet marriage certificates, place names, and personalised cards.

Gemma Connolly, who is planning her own dog-friendly wedding this summer with her partner Matthew, shares her insights: “As a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs, I’m well aware that a major event, like a wedding, can be fun and exciting for a dog, but can also become overwhelming and stressful. I am carefully planning our big day around my dog, Bertie, to maximise the joy and pleasure for all involved, and I always urge dog owners to do the same.”