New research by Together Travel has unveiled a significant increase in the demand for pet friendly holiday accommodations across the UK.

Over the past four years, search engine analysis indicates a substantial 28% surge in people actively seeking pet friendly holiday options. In 2020, monthly searches for pet holidays and related keywords averaged a modest 281,950. Fast forward to the present, and this figure has skyrocketed to an impressive 360,290 searches per month. The trend is indicative of a growing desire among travellers to include their pets in holiday plans.

Regional Breakdown

The study delves deeper into regional preferences, revealing Wales leading the surge with a 55% increase in searches, closely followed by Scotland at 54%, England at 39%, and Northern Ireland at 17%.

Zak Ali, representing Together Travel, expressed understanding for the trend. He stated that the emotional challenge of leaving pets behind during holidays has been amplified by increased pet adoptions and the surge in remote working due to the pandemic.

Top Tips for Pet Friendly Holiday Planning

Zak Ali offers essential tips for selecting the ideal holiday destination that caters to both travellers and their furry companions:

1. Pet Friendly Policies: Check property policies regarding pet accommodation, ensuring clarity on size, breed, or quantity restrictions.

2. Amenities for Pets: Look for rentals equipped with pet-specific amenities, such as beds, bowls, toys, and secure outdoor spaces.

3. Secure Outdoor Spaces: For dog owners, prioritise properties with fenced yards or designated pet areas to prevent unintended escapades.

4. Proximity to Pet Friendly Areas: Choose destinations near pet friendly parks, beaches, or walking trails, enhancing your pet’s access to exercise and play.

5. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Opt for accommodations with high cleanliness standards and pet friendly cleaning protocols to ensure a fresh environment.

6. Reviews from Pet Owners: Explore reviews from previous pet-owning guests to gauge the true pet-friendliness of the accommodation.

7. Flexible Check-In/Check-Out: Seek accommodations with flexible timings to accommodate the additional requirements of travelling with pets.

8. Accessibility: Consider the property’s accessibility for pets, especially if they have mobility issues, opting for ground-floor accommodation with easy outdoor access when needed.

Zak Ali concludes, “By carefully considering these factors, you can find a holiday home that not only accepts pets but also provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry companion.”

As the demand for pet friendly holidays continues to rise, these considerations become crucial for a seamless travel experience.