Visit Wales has unveiled a campaign targeting dogs themselves to showcase Wales as the ultimate destination for dog-friendly staycations this year.

Aiming to capture the attention of dogs across the UK, Visit Wales has launched a new marketing campaign, including a TV ad specifically designed for them. The campaign features imagery and sounds tailored to dogs, such as enhanced blue and yellow colours, as well as familiar sounds like panting, whistling, barking, and jingling keys. The ad even includes holiday visuals from a dog’s perspective, offering a glimpse of what a trip to Wales could look like through a dedicated doggy-cam.

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Wales

With over 20,000 miles of walking trails across the Welsh coastline and countryside, along with numerous dog-friendly accommodation options, pubs, and attractions, Wales offers a plethora of opportunities for dog owners. Whether tourists seek an outdoor adventure, a relaxing coastal getaway, or a tranquil rural retreat, Visit Wales believes there’s something for every dog owner. However, the organisation also emphasises responsible ownership, urging holidaymakers to adhere to the Dog Walking Code and be mindful of wildlife and farm animals.

Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust, highlights the importance of responsible dog ownership when exploring Wales with furry companions. She advises owners to consider their surroundings, especially in rural areas where encounters with wildlife or livestock are common. Additionally, she stresses the significance of monitoring the weather to prevent heat stroke during warmer months.

Growing Market for Dog-Friendly Tourism

Research indicates a growing trend towards dog-friendly tourism, with over a third of UK households owning at least one dog. Last year witnessed a significant increase in dog-friendly bookings across the UK, as families sought pet-friendly holidays closer to home.

As part of the campaign, Visit Wales invited dog owners to submit pictures of their pets for the chance to be featured in the ad campaign. Hanna Tudor, Property Manager at Sealands Cottages, a dog-friendly accommodation provider in South Wales, expresses delight at Visit Wales’ initiative, emphasising the importance of catering to dog-friendly holidaymakers.