PureFlax, a family-run business rooted in Yorkshire, unveils a new line of all-natural dog supplements, aiming to support healthy joints, mobility, and overall well-being in dogs.

This venture comes following the success of their existing products in benefiting working gun dogs and showcases a commitment to extend these health advantages to a broader canine audience.

A Natural Approach to Canine Health

The latest range of flaxseed and linseed oil and meal supplements from PureFlax harnesses the inherent benefits of Omega 3, aiding joint improvement, digestive health, muscle repair, and promoting lustrous coats. These supplements, renowned for their digestibility compared to conventional oil supplements, are meticulously processed from seed cultivation to bottling, ensuring they remain fully traceable, 100% British, and entirely natural.

Grace Liddle, co-owner of PureFlax along with husband Nigel and daughter Hannah, expressed enthusiasm about making their products accessible beyond working dogs to benefit all canine breeds. She highlighted the family’s commitment to ensuring the highest quality by overseeing the entire production process on their Wetherby farm.

The decision to launch the new line stemmed from PureFlax’s growing confidence, further bolstered by a specialist product insurance policy facilitated by H&H Insurance Brokers (HHIB). Grace emphasised the pivotal role of HHIB in guiding them through the insurance process, providing comprehensive coverage that instilled the confidence to expand their product range.

The New Range of Dog Supplements

The new range includes three key products tailored to enhance canine health:

  • Omega Prime: Available in 200ml and 500ml, this straight flax oil promotes overall maintenance in dogs, supporting joint health and immunity.
  • Skin & Coat: A blend of flax oil with borage (starflower) oil aimed at improving skin health and enhancing coat shine.
  • Joint & Muscle: Incorporating milled linseed expeller infused with rosehip and seaweed, this supplement offers sustained energy release, particularly beneficial for older dogs or those requiring extra joint and muscle support.

A Commitment to Canine Welfare

Grace underscored PureFlax’s initial launch in response to the scarcity of flaxseed and linseed oil in the UK, underlining the family’s dedication to enhancing animal welfare. Passionate about animals and owning a livery farm, their focus remains steadfast on ensuring PureFlax’s range serves as a trusted and beneficial supplement for cherished pets.

Corinne Cooper, an account executive for HHIB in the North East and Yorkshire, said: “Meeting with Grace and Nigel, it was clear to see how passionate they were about supporting animal owners with this excellent range of products, so we were very keen to work to get them an exclusive, comprehensive insurance package which meant they could upgrade the excellent services they already provide. The PureFlax range produces amazing results in animals, and we’re delighted to have played a small part in facilitating improvements through our knowledge of agricultural and business insurance.”

The introduction of this new line of dog supplements strengthens PureFlax’s reputation for providing top-tier, British-grown, and 100% natural products, amplifying their commitment to enhancing the well-being of dogs across the UK.