Tuft, a leading SaaS solution in pet appointment management, heralds a pivotal shift in the pet services industry with the introduction of its groundbreaking “Software as a Standard” campaign.

This initiative brings forth an essential model, enabling pet services to access Tuft’s robust calendar tools for free, advocating for software to become an industry norm rather than a privilege.

Recognising the disparity in accessing software solutions within the pet services sector, Tuft aims to eliminate this discrepancy by making its powerful scheduling and appointment management tools available to all, irrespective of the size or budget of the business. Chloe Smith, CEO at Tuft, says, “Every pet service, regardless of its scale, should have access to the tools needed for success. Software should be a standard practice, not an exclusive privilege.”

Tuft’s Essential Model for Pet Services

Tuft’s essential model offers essential features:

Accessible Calendar: Pet services now have access to Tuft’s intuitive calendar, enhancing appointment management efficiency without financial constraints.

User-Friendly Interface: Tuft’s user-centric design ensures usability, catering even to businesses with limited technical expertise.

Scalability: Adapting to the growth of the business, Tuft’s essential model enables seamless scaling, offering flexibility for success.

Tuft’s “Software as a Standard” campaign marks not only a product launch but a call to action for the entire pet services industry. It aims to set a new benchmark where software becomes an essential tool for businesses striving to offer superior pet care while fostering a better work-life balance.

Pet service providers are encouraged to join Tuft’s mission in embracing software as an industry standard. The essential model invites businesses to harness the transformative potential of online calendar management for their operations.

For further details, you may visit Tuft’s Pricing Page or contact Sasha Chan at sasha@tuftapp.com to explore Tuft’s innovative approach to pet service management.