PAWD DRINKS, the brainchild of London-based entrepreneurs Rory Hanna and Archie Wilson, is looking to make a splash in the canine health industry.

This range of liquid health supplements for dogs is making its debut in Battersea Park, promising a convenient and effective solution to common health issues faced by dogs.

Battersea Park will play host to the unveiling of PAWD DRINKS, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of enhancing canine well-being. Founded by childhood friends Rory and Archie, the inspiration for these liquid supplements stemmed from Rory’s family dog, Scrumpy, a Jack Russell / Patterdale Terrier that lived a healthy life until the age of 17. Scrumpy’s occasional health challenges, such as arthritis and anxiety, prompted Rory to seek a more palatable and efficient way of administering supplements.

Scientifically Crafted Solutions for Canine Health

PAWD DRINKS is not just another pet product; it’s a result of extensive research and collaboration with world-leading animal nutritionists, including Dr. Farshad Goodarzi Boroojeni. These liquid supplements are veterinarian-approved, offering carefully crafted formulas to address specific health concerns faced by dogs while contributing to their overall well-being.

PAWD DRINKS Joints is tailored to address arthritis and joint mobility, a common issue affecting up to 80% of dogs over the age of 8. With natural ingredients like ginger and devil’s claw root, this supplement supports joint health and mobility.

For dogs experiencing anxiety-related behaviours, PAWD DRINKS Calming provides a soothing solution. Whether it’s separation anxiety, social anxiety, travel anxiety, or fear of loud noises, this liquid supplement aims to relax and calm dogs in various stressful situations.

For the active and energetic dogs, PAWD DRINKS Active offers a blend of essential ingredients to keep them fit, healthy, and hydrated. Ideal for dogs that over-exercise and need recovery or younger dogs requiring support for muscle development.

Join the PAWD Community at Battersea Park

To celebrate the launch, PAWD DRINKS invites all dog lovers to join a gentle walk around Battersea Park on Sunday, March 17. The walk, starting at 12:30 pm, will last approximately an hour, followed by a gathering where attendees can enjoy a glass of something while listening to speeches from the founders and scientists behind the product. The event will continue at The Lighthouse pub in Battersea, offering an opportunity to try samples, purchase products, and engage with the PAWD team and the wider dog-loving community.

For those interested in attending, an email to is all it takes to secure a spot at the event.